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N E W M o d e l - Halda Trackmaster

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N E W M o d e l - Halda Trackmaster

Inläggav Tony.A. » tis 27 dec 2016, 16:21


The Race Pilot by Swedish watchmaker Halda may well be the most advanced race watch available, with real functions that assist in the work undertaken by the race driver, engineers and mechanics.


The Trackmaster project was initiated after requests from both professional drivers and amateurs to develop a watch system that helps them keep track of their racing performance in order to improve their results on the track.

The Trackmaster is a military grade GPS unit that is placed on the inside of the windscreen of a racing car and it communicates wirelessly with the Halda Race Pilot watch and transfers automatically essential racing data with extreme accuracy.

The Trackmaster is designed with a very easy to use concept with just one button and the unit automatically locates the racetrack and measure with a frequency of 10 times per second and an accuracy down to hundreds of a second. The unit also has a built in 6-axis accelerometer measures the maximum lateral G-force.

It has the capacity of storing information about 170 of the world top racing tracks and with sectors specified for all tracks and it automatically locates the racetrack you are at. If there is a track that is not stored, you can store your own unique track.

Predictive lap timing the Trackmaster shows in real time how the driver is doing against the best lap. It gives the driver instant feedback on the driving (being faster or slower than the best lap) using a series of red and green light indicators.


The Trackmaster communicates wirelessly with the Halda Race Pilot timepiece and after the race session automatically transfers essential racing data with extreme accuracy and presents:

- Lap time for every lap
- Top speed
- Maximum lateral G-Force
- Sector times
- Best theoretical time

Performance test: The Trackmaster also features a function for performance test of your car that calculates 0-100/200/300 km/h (also in mph), 0-402 m (Quarter Mile) and Top Speed over time. All data is clearly presented in your Halda timepiece and the specific information that you wish to save is stored permanently in the History Log so that you can view your best lap times, for example at Nürburgring over the years.

The Race Pilot Trackmaster is delivered as a complete set in a handmade wooden box, featuring a docking station with a strap in natural rubber and two watch modules: the digital Race module and a Zenith powered mechanical module.


Thanks for the info Jorge and TZ.
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